The SEO Paradox!

The SEO Paradox!

If your website scored highly on the Audit yet is not ranking high enough in Google for the keywords you are targeting, you might be slightly puzzled. The SEO Paradox!

If your website scored low on the Audit, yet is ranking well in Google for the keywords applicable to your business, do you know why? That’s “The SEO Paradox!”  For example, if one of your keywords rapidly moved up in Google as below (keyword and client info removed), would you be shocked or expecting some movement on known information.

If Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key part of your business marketing strategy, is your SEO strategy based on industry gossip, chance, or is there a strategy in place to really understand your competition and what changes in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when a change takes place?  SEO should not be a guessing game, as what worked 6 month ago, may not work today.

Genesis Consulting has adopted a SEO methodology build on sound and logical principles. Please contact Des Walford, SEO Consultant if you would like to know more, and for an initial conversation about your SEO challenges.

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