Local SEO Audits

As a local business owner, you have probably heard of local SEO and thought that your in-house IT expert or an external provider possess the required technical knowledge.

It might surprise you, but this is not true.

Do You Have Time To Do SEO?

Analysing and implementing a business’s local SEO requirements does take time and effort but can be carried out by any business if they have the time and inclination.

Normally, business owners and their team are usually busy meeting the day-to-day business demands and find it difficult to allocate the time or focus to assess, implement and manage a local SEO campaign.

A SEO Consultant Can Help

This is where a local SEO consultant can help by providing clear information and an individual plan to use SEO to achieve desired online business goals on an ongoing basis.

Local SEO Requires Logical Approach

All logical business decisions are arrived at through research and analysis, and local SEO is no different. There has be a logical starting point and collection of information which provides a clear overview and measurement of current local SEO performance. Only then can a plan be formulated to improve the current position.

How Gensis Digital can help you

To assist your business, Genesis Digital provide a Local SEO Audit to measure and report on the following:

  • Google My Business Page
  • General Website Audit
  • Citations Audit (NAP)
  • General Link Audit
  • Check for Organic SEO Penalties
  • Reviews Audit
  • Social Audit
  • Competition Analysis for top 3 competitors (for chosen keyword).

The audit is specially geared to areas and factors relevant to Local SEO and will provide you and your business with valuable SEO information to pinpoint current performance.  With this information you and your business will be in a position to assess where attention is needed to preserve and improve SEO performance.

Receiving Your Local SEO Audit

You can choose to receive your Local SEO Audit report as a Word document, PDF or Power Point presentation.

Why Genesis Digital?

Genesis Digital as a local SEO consultant is here to help you and your business improve its SEO performance in a logical and safe manner.  Our Local SEO Audit is designed to remove the mystique which often surrounds this topic and provide clear and valuable business reporting to plot an individual Local SEO plan for your business.

If you are concerned or curious about how your business is competing against its local competition online, using local SEO auditing will provide the answers and clarity you seek, with the added benefit of your business addressing found issues at its chosen pace. This exercise puts you in control.


Local SEO Audit Message

If you would like to know about how a Local SEO Audit can benefit your business, please call 01923 866264 or, send your message today using the Contact Form.  Thanks.

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